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Data Conversion

Is your content stuck in a proprietary format like Interleaf (Broadvision Quicksilver)? If so, we can convert it to SGML or XML if you can provide us with exported Interleaf ASCII files. Graphics can be exported on your end or if source data is not available, images can be cropped out from PDF as last resort.

Arbortext FOSI Development

Need a brand new FOSI stylesheet to publish your XML, or maybe modifications made to an existing FOSI? J. McNulty Consulting has extensive experience building simple and extremely complex screen and print FOSIs. If it can be done, we will do it.

SGML/XML DTD and XML Schema Development

Does your data require a unique SGML/XML DTD or schema? We will perform a thorough document analysis of your data and output requirements and either recommend a standard off-the-shelf DTD or build you a custom one to fit your needs.

Omnimark Programming

J. McNulty Consulting has many years experience developing Omnimark scripts for data conversions and building SGML/XML tools. We use Omnimark for many tasks!

XSLT Scripting

Need a little XSLT for your XML? Need to output your XML to a web page? We can build that for you using XSLT and CSS.